New Place New Rules

new place

During the engagement party, Vincenzo and Ginetta, they clarify their position with the family … they want to form their own family without being minimally influenced by the extended family dynamics … they will not ask their families for anything because they want to feel free to decide alone … what they want is to free themselves from the bonds typical of the community … from community life … They feel like people from the north, of society, and have no intention of going back, to the southern community dynamics




The theme of the difference between the people of the North and South is often underlined in this film … People who came to the north from the underdeveloped south were often considered as belonging to another continent, belonging to another ethnic group .. often they were called Africans and were derided by the inhabitants of the North … but it is also true that this form of division was also adopted by those from southern Italy … Rosaria Parondi, after meeting Nadia says she is anemic, weak, like all women of the North … and she cannot be good for their children.



Local Pride

local pride

The sense of belonging to one’s origins becomes a way to survive the hostility of the inhabitants of the North towards the migrants of the South … while living in the big industrial cities of the North, people from the South often found themselves leading a life that was very reminiscent that of their villages, trying to keep alive a sense of community … the fact that Simone fights for a team from the North is seen as a sign of betrayal