e1) Blindly

E Ada1

Ada is an atypical kind of woman for that historical period: his behavior in public and in private are not those of a woman subject to man but are those of an emancipated woman.

In fact, Ada is more than a woman … she is a futurist woman.

Ada belongs to the group of futurist artists and intellectuals who, with their works,  they have inspired and exalted most part of the Fascist ideology

Ada often pretends to be blind … she closes her eyes so as not to see what is happening around her…  and when she finally opens her eyes, all is lost!

Ada is represented in this way because Bertolucci, through her, accuses the category of intellectuals of that period: they were blind to what was happening .. they took refuge in their world of art to not to see reality.. for Bertolucci, these artists were accomplices of fascism because they never dared, through their art and their thought, to denounce the horrors of fascism in order to awaken the consciences of Italians


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