f5) The cowardice of Alfredo..the bravery of Olmo


On several occasions, Bertolucci compares the two protagonists measuring their moral level, their courage, the sense of honor, their sense of responsibility towards others … and every time Olmo is superior compared to Alfredo

Alfredo the coward escapes after provoking the illness of the young prostitute….Olmo instead remains to help her

Alfredo the coward, let the fascists beat Olmo even if he knows that Olmo did not kill the young Patrizio because he was with his wife Ada

This is the Bertolucci’s way of denigrating the aristocracy by showing its cowardice and the absence of moral values

f5 Cowardice 04f5 Cowardice 05


On the contrary, Olmo is represented as a hero of the people, full of courage and ready to rebel against every injustice.

He takes care of his people, fights for the common good, and is ready to sacrifice his life to pursue his ideals

He does not hold back in front of anything because he knows he is a leader in the struggle for freedom and justice

This is the way in which Bertolucci enhances the value and moral stature of the working classes, and their role in the fall of fascism