f6) The landlord is dead…..the landlord is alive

f6 the land lord is dead

At the end of the story, the prophecy of Leo Dalcò and Alfredo Berlinghieri Senior is overturned .. Alfredo is tried by the victorious peasants who want his death … he represents the lord who stole their lives … he is the thief now

And it is Olmo who becomes the lawyer … he tries to save Alfredo’s life by explaining to the peasants that it is not necessary to kill him because Alfredo is no longer master of anything … he is no longer the landlord … the landlord is dead because people won… he is living proof that the master is dead

But when the army arrives on the farm to take all the weapons from the farmers  Alfredo says “the Landlord is alive”

The meaning of these words is that even if fascism has been defeated and the aristocracy has lost its privileges, in reality, the people have not won and they will never win because when a “padrone” dies another one will come to replace him

This ending is the way that Bertolucci denounces the missed victory of socialism in Italy after the end of the Second World War, and the start of a new era of masters, no longer aristocratic landowners but politicians and capitalists ready to exploit the lower classes