Angelina the angel (but also a little devil)

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Angela is a figure totally different from that of Rosalia. Initially, she is presented as an innocent angel, unable to resist the passion of a man older than her. She too grows up in an environment in which woman is an object, property of someone, before her father and then her husband, and for this reason, she is obliged to keep secret her passion.

She is the object of desire in a world of men. She seems incapable of rebelling against that. It seems that she too is destined to follow the destiny of subjection to man, a typical characteristic of southern women

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But then the figure of Angela changes .. in the final parts of the film Angela shows her true face .. and it is not that submissive woman that everyone expected. Angela is a modern woman, more emancipated than the others women from her village, and able to direct and influence Fefè’s actions.

At the end of the movie, we understand that she pushed Fefè to complete her diabolical plan … It is she who manages to marry the Sicilian nobleman who killed his wife for her … and it is always she who, few months after the marriage, shows her true face: that of a charming seductress. And the final scene, on the boat, makes us presage a future Divorce Italian Style.

All that makes us think about the fact that perhaps Fefè had been the best way for her to escape from her father’s control.