A Wife in Love

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Rosalia represents the stereotype of the typical South Italian woman totally submissive to her man. She loves Fefè so much to live under his shadow. In reality what is represented is the result of an education received from an early age for which the woman is the property of man and must always be devoted to her man and at his disposal.

In this way Dino Risi addresses the issue of the woman of the South and the small village, sometimes in an exaggerated manner, reinforcing in this way the stereotype of a woman who in fact probably never existed in these terms.

What is important, however, is to note how the same law 587 was based precisely on the concept of property … wife, girlfriend, and sister considered as objects owned by man, are the elements around which rise the idea of murder for honor.

Rosalia is human, and she gives in to the passion for her old love that she thought died in the war … a passion, however, fueled by Fefè’s diabolical plan