Changing  life

Francesca 01

The character of Francesca instead is totally opposite to that of Silvana.
She arrives on the scene like a thief, succubus of a criminal like Walter who promised her a life no longer as a maid but as a lady. For her, the meeting with the mondine is something new … Although initially pretends to be interested in the cause of clandestine workers only to protect her treasure, after a while she realizes that true wealth is not in a jewel but in friendship and in belonging to something more precious. Francesca with the continuation of history discovers and becomes the spokesperson, of values such as solidarity and sharing, and this even before discovering that the necklace is false.

It is the hard work, the life with the mondine, the awareness of doing something good for others, that transforms her into a new woman, able to finally find true love with Marco and finally change her life.