A new Life

Marco 01

Marco represents the hero, the man with a clear spirit, the one who is wiser than the others and can see ahead. It is no coincidence that it is the Marxist voice of De Santis. It is he who shows the Mondines, who are arguing among themselves, that their real enemy is the capitalist who exploits them. It is he who persuades the mondine to unite together in the common cause of having all the same treatment. it is always he who tries to save Silvana from her ineluctable destiny. it is always him who gives confidence to Francesca. Marco is too perfect, but this corresponds to the canons of Neorealism that creates stereotypical characters of good and evil in an absolute manner.
He is always him that when the war is over he is ready to change his life, perhaps going to another place far from Italy, perhaps in America but in South America, which, unlike North America, is a land full of opportunities.