b) Francesco


Francesco is a gentle but is a strong man
Francesco works behind the ranks, but his role is very important
He is a hidden warrior but he is ready to hit



Double life

francesco 1

Francesco represents one of those many members of the Resistance who fought alongside both the Partisans and the Allies during the Nazi occupation.
His task is to provide support and information to armed fighters and for this he must maintain a low profile, remain hidden, lead a double life.
By day he is a worker at a printing press at night, however, he becomes an agent infiltrated behind enemy lines. The fact that he does not fight does not keep him away from the risks. Indeed if discovered, due to the information in his possession, he would certainly be tortured by the Nazis. What looks like a meek man is really a man with so much courage.


francesco 2

His strength is also fortitude. His words are those that give courage to others. It is he who is able to give hope to Marcello and Pina, reassuring them that one day the horror of the war will vanish and life will start all over again. His character represents the hope that is based on the awareness that in the end they will be the right ones to win on adversity.