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Bergman is the commander of the Nazi occupation troops.
His is the figure of an officer without honor, unable to handle the situation If not with violence.



Without Honor

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Rossellini offers an image of the Nazi commanding officer of the Gestapo leading the Nazi troops who control the territory of Rome as a man without strength, unable to manage the occupation of the city without using violence.

At first glance, it seems well organized, but despite its information service, he is not able to acquire the information he really needs and can not counter the strength that his prisoners show instead. He is clearly dominated by Ingrid who in the film, represents the impersonation of evil.

At one point in the film, Ingrid sits at his desk taking his place. In reality it is she who actually manages the situation.
Aware of his inability to fight the enemy the only use he knows to try to achieve his goals is that of torture … but it will be useless.
He thinks he can bend the enemy but does not know that the enemy is much stronger than him.

In the scenes where we see Bergman, very often another character appears: he is the head of the police in Rome … Rossellini offers an image of an Italian officer totally bent to the wishes of the German officer. In this way Rossellini creates a substantial difference between the willpower and the courage of the Partisans compared to that of the fascists who quickly submitted to the will of the Nazi occupation forces, so much so as to become accomplices of the massacre of their own people.