h) Marina

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The girlfriend of the leader of the Partisans will end up betraying it to be able to acquire the well-being and lifestyle that he so much aspires to … but his betrayal will be in vain



The price of treason

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Marina does not accept her life, she does not accept her social status … she would like to have much more and to promise her all this is Ingrid. Shown as a woman addicted to drugs, supplied by Ingrid, Marina is willing to betray her man for the wellbeing she wants in return.
As she is accused by Manfred she confuses material well-being with that of spirit and love. Marina is willing to exchange love with a fur …. that she will lose very quickly when faced with the deadly result of her betrayal she faints … at that moment Ingrid takes back the fur that she had given her
Marina will remain without anything … This is the fate of all those who instead of fighting, collaborated with the Nazi occupiers