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They are the armies of evil … the conquerors without mercy




We are the butchers

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The German army is represented here represented by cruel soldiers without mercy. Here Rossellini shows all his stereotyping of evil and the characters that represent him. In this film apart from the case of the Nazi official who admits to getting drunk every night because he can no longer bear the fact of killing in the name of the alleged master race and the official deserter who commits suicide, all the others are represented as people without soul who blindly obey the commands of their Fuhrer.

To reinforce the typology of the evil associated with the Nazis, Rossellini once again uses a religious symbolism: when two German soldiers arrive at the restaurant with two lambs saying they have brought the food they want to eat, the restaurateur tells them not to be a butcher. They promptly respond “We are good at being butchers” …. now it is obvious that the choice of the animal is not casual and the sacrificial lamb, symbol of Christianity, represents the sacrifice of the innocents … So, it is not so difficult to understand the analogy that Rossellini proposes between the Italian people and the sacrificed Christ